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About The Company

Enventive was formed in July 2009 to support the efforts of individuals and organizations to create a more sustainable world. We think of sustainability in its broadest sense:

  • A sustainable workplace that inspires creativity, productivity, efficiency and balance for individuals.
  • Sustainable programs that have clear goals and resources aligned to achieve these goals.
  • Sustainable environmental initiatives that seek to reduce the environmental footprint of human activity.

Whatever your focus, Enventive can help! We apply a straight-forward process to all of our projects.

  • Understand your challenge.
  • Find the information you need to solve it.
  • Put this information to work and engage the right people in developing solutions.
  • Support your desired change.
  • Help you communicate results.

With nearly 20 years of consulting experience, we know that our success depends on consistently providing you with honest, professional service that exceeds your expectations. We love what we do and know that you will love working with us.

About Our President

Patrick Tallarico, LEED AP, has over 23 years of experience with 19 years as a consultant to public- and private-sector clients. He has a range of skills, experience, and expertise that help him provide integrative solutions to the projects he supports. He is a Certified Professional Facilitator – he has designed an array of collaborative processes that have included small group meetings, public listening sessions, technical problem-solving sessions, and large-scale workshops. He has diverse technical expertise — topics include green building and sustainable development, environmental program compliance, tribal program implementation, information technology system development and deployment, homeland security and emergency management, flood risk management, and natural resource management. He has strong analytical skills – he conducts research and assessments, develops reports, comment analysis and response, and issue papers. He has expertise in communication and outreach — he develops communications materials for the public, prepares presentations and talking points for clients, and designs communications and outreach strategies to help convey important messages.

Mr. Tallarico started Enventive Consulting because he has a diverse range of professional passions and wanted a flexible venue for pursuing these passions. He has established a large professional network through his career and believes strongly in partnering to meet his clients’ needs.

Some other things you might want to know…

  • A key to our success is working with trusted partners to create teams that are flexible to meet your needs.
  • We are a small business located in Northern Virginia with close access to Washington DC and the DC metro area.
  • We are a home-based business with a minimal environmental footprint — we offset all of our energy use with renewable energy credits, we purchase carbon offsets for our travel at no expense to our clients, and we try to take public transportation to meetings whenever possible.
  • We are members of the US Green Building Council, the International Association of Facilitators, the International Society of Sustainability Professionals, and the Association for Conflict Resolution to maintain a connection to colleagues in our field and stay current on important topics.
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