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Recent Projects

One of the best ways to understand who we are and what we do is to see what we’ve done. Below are some examples of recent projects that highlight the range of Enventive’s capabilities.

  • International Meeting on the Use of Life Cycle Concepts to Achieve Sustainable Materials Management. Enventive designed and facilitated a meeting for the G7 Alliance for Resource Efficiency hosted by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The meeting brought together sustainability and environmental leaders from across industry, academia, and governments to identify opportunities to improve sustainable materials management efforts through the use of life cycle thinking. The meeting was praised for its organization and the quality of its presenters, which were identified by Enventive’s President, Patrick Tallarico, with input from EPA and other G7 representatives. Participants from across the globe recognized Enventive’s tremendous efforts in putting together such a well-organized event. Check out the proceedings document on EPA’s website.
  • Developing a National Perspective on Water Resource Sustainability. Enventive worked with its partner, CSRA, to support staff at the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as they explored potential opportunities to embrace a future more consistent with concepts of sustainability and resource resilience. Mr. Tallarico interviewed internal and external sustainability thought leaders, conducted research, and developed analytical products that synthesized inputs and ideas for action inside and outside of EPA.
  • Facilitation and Analytical Support for New Federal Guidance on Floodplain Management. With Enventive’s partner, The Council Oak, Patrick Tallarico provided facilitation and analytical support for a large interagency workgroup to develop new guidance to improve federal floodplain management efforts. He promoted consensus among members, reviewed and analyzed over 3000 comments, coordinated document edits, and supported interactions with Administration officials. A FEMA official had this to say: “Thank you for making so much of the Federal Flood Risk Management Standard progress possible. Your deft editing hand and agile facilitation are simply the best!”
  • International Meeting on Life Cycle Assessment. Enventive facilitated a meeting hosted by the United Nations Environment Progamme (UNEP), US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and US Department of Agriculture (USDA) to discuss the development of an international network of life cycle assessment information. The meeting was widely recognized by participants as a significant step forward. The Head of UNEP's Integrated Resource Management Unit declared it "The best international forum he had been to because of the facilitator." High praise indeed. Check out the mention that our president, Patrick Tallarico, received on one participant's website.
  • Leadership and Change Management Support for US Environmental Protection Agency. Enventive is providing a range of facilitation and training support for EPA's Office of Environmental Information to improve leadership across the organization and improve the way the office supports the Agency's mission. Enventive has facilitated strategic leadership retreats, provided training on change management, and supported the development of the Office's strategic directions document. Enventive is helping the organization transform its role from an IT provider to a change leader within the Agency.
  • Facilitation Support for the Water Quality Standards Program National Meeting. Enventive has assisted EPA's Office of Water in organizing and facilitating the annual Water Quality Standards Program National Meeting since 2012. The meeting includes representatives from across EPA Regions and Headquarters and state partners. Enventive works with planning teams to organize topics and related materials. Enventive serves as the lead facilitator for the three-day event and works with session leads to elicit dialogue to advance the program.
  • Sustainability Analysis for Retail Developer. Enventive conducted an analysis for a local retail developer aimed at assessing sustainability messages and activities of key competitors and identifying a sustainability strategy for the firm. Enventive reviewed competitor web sites and products to determine key messages and programs. He also visited some of the client's properties to identify potential sustainability projects for the firm. Enventive presented results of the assessment to senior leaders in the company.
  • Customer Engagement and Relationship Transformation for Veterans Affairs. For over three years, Enventive partnered with The Ambit Group and Face-to-Face Strategies to assist the Department of Veterans Affairs gather supplier feedback to improve the VA acquisition process and its service to Veterans. Enventive helped to design and facilitate multiple feedback sessions that were held across the country. Enventive also helped to analyze the results of this feedback and develop and deliver a report to senior VA officials. Enventive provided similar support to the Veterans Health Administration to improve their partnering process with medical affiliates.
  • Reinvigoration Assessment and Implementation Support for US EPA’s National Tribal Operations Committee (NTOC). Enventive worked with the US Environmental Protection Agency to assess the National Tribal Operations Committee - the Agency’s high-level tribal program advisory group. Enventive conducted interviews of people involved with and knowledgeable about the NTOC’s work, compiled and analyzed the feedback, and developed a set of recommendations. The recommendations were used by EPA to identify changes designed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the group. Enventive supported all communications aspects of the reinvigoration assessment and implementation process and assisted the Agency in implementing initial changes. Enventive performed this work alongside its partner, SRA International.
  • Green Servicizing Workshop Support for US EPA. Enventive worked with its partner, SRA International, to support US EPA in its efforts to explore cutting-edge strategies for environmental protection known as “green servicizing.” Green servicizing refers to the growing trend to link or replace products with services to reduce the environmental impacts of product consumption. Enventive facilitated a workshop on the topic that brought together representatives from service-oriented business across a variety of fields to discuss the benefits of this approach, challenges and barriers to implementation, and what types of things government can do to promote broader adoption. Enventive assisted in writing a white paper as well as a short primer to prepare participants. Enventive also interviewed Workshop participants to inform the agenda. Enventive is working with EPA and participants on follow-up actions to continue the dialogue.
  • Facilitation and Analytical Support for the Federal Interagency Floodplain Management Task Force. Enventive provides facilitation and analytical support for FIFM Task Force and Working Group along with its partner, The Council Oak. The Task Force serves as a high-level body that coordinates on floodplain management issues and develops policies to improve federal actions in the floodplain.

Past Projects


  • Green Building Consulting. Enventive staff provided sustainability consulting services for over 20 projects pursuing certification under the US Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) green building rating system. Projects included new buildings, existing buildings, and multi-building developments. Enventive staff assisted design and construction teams in developing sustainability goals, worked with team members to track and document LEED credits, and managed interactions with USGBC to address issues and finalize certifications. All certified projects met or exceeded their sustainability goals.
  • Support for the National-EPA Tribal Science Council. Enventive staff supported the initial formation of this tribal advisory group that helps the agency address scientific and technical issues in a tribal context. Worked with the group to develop fact sheets and analytical papers on important topics such as risk assessment, data collection and information management, and traditional ecological knowledge. Also facilitated group meetings and assisted in the planning of tribal summits on scientific topics.
  • White House Conference on Cooperative Conservation Facilitation Support. Enventive staff assisted the US EPA and the White House Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) in the design and facilitation of a national conference on Cooperative Conservation. Assisted the planning team in agenda design and case study development. Provided on-site facilitation support focusing on the topic of jurisdictional challenges facing cooperative conservation efforts. Also provided analytical support to analyze the overall results of the conference to identify appropriate next steps for the Administration.
  • Compliance Assistance Advisory Committee Facilitation, Analytical and Conference Support. Enventive staff upported the US EPA Compliance Assistance Advisory Committee (CAAC), a Federal Advisory Committee, in the development of recommendations to EPA on how to improve the Agency’s compliance assistance programs. Also supported the Committee by helping design, plan, and facilitate three Compliance Assistance Forums. Forums grew from about 100 people the first year to nearly 300 people the third year. Forums served as opportunities to vet Committee recommendations and share information across the compliance assistance community on best practices.